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What make us different?

Every patients is different but most patients tend to lose around 5 – 10 lbs on their first month of treatment (While following the diet plan given and the exercise recommendations)

We recommend doing the treatment for at least 3 months, however, the payment is made month by month so we can evaluate the treatment results, we can stop the treatment as soon as the patient reaches their goal, there’s no time commitment.

We don’t at the moment but we take CareCredit, FSA cards, after pay and we can offer split payments.

It’s not necessary, we could do virtual visits and then they can come for just a pick up or if they get the whole treatment (4 injections of Semaglutide or Tirzepatide) they get free delivery)

On the first visit the provider always show how it’s done so they can do it themselves, however, if they are not comfortable doing it we offer injection assistance at no cost.

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